Flash Storage Solutions

Flash storage is a platform that can deliver 600 times the I/O rates when operating with any existing storage subsystem.

Our Flash Storage solutions can be configured as a dedicated persistent, resilient Enterprise Class storage device within a physical server, with capacities up to 60Tbyte or as a READ Only cache with write thru for sustained data protection and replication in complex SAN environments.

Supported operating system environments include

  • VMware
  • Oracle Virtual Box
  • Windows 2012
  • Linux (Red Hat 64 Bit)
  • Oracle Solaris (X86)
  • HP-UX Integrity
  • Charon Virtual Alpha, HP, Sun Sparc and VAX solutions

The typical best value usage for this technology is where I/O reads or writes, or both, are a limiting factor in delivering improved application results to end users.

Symptoms for poor performance are often seen as CPU capacity being exhausted, when in fact I/O is consuming this scarce resource. Flash Storage relieves CPU and the same server can deliver up to 20 times the application performance, with no other changes.


Flash Storage Application Environments

Typical application environments where it is often difficult, or expensive, to improved applications outcomes include:

  • BI/DW (Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse)
  • ERP where complex data base relationships consume I/O
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Real Time HD Video capture and playback

Applications that immediately benefit include:

  • Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Analytical Services, ERP Applications
  • Oracle ERP applications and business intelligence
  • Sybase IQ and related Sybase environments

So if your Hypervisor environment (VMware, Hyper-v or oracle Virtual Box) is limiting your application perfromance, United business Solutions Flash Storage is your answer.

If your BI and ERP users are complaining about performance , Flash Storage is your answer.

If your development teams are struggling with how to optimize your database to new demands, Flash Storage with United Business Solutions is your answer.

United Business Solutions offers the complete range of Flash Storage products, servers and support, along with extensive experience in VMware, SQL and Oracle environments.
Evaluations can be arranged on request.

For further information call United Business Solutions on +61 2 9586 1112 or email your enquiry to sales@ubsolutions.com.au.