Legacy System Virtualisation:

United Business Solutions has been a leader in Australia and New Zealand protecting Legacy VAX, Sun Solaris and AlphaServer systems, originally shipped by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard (HP) and Sun Microsystems.

With an estimated 5,000 production VAX and Alpha systems still in operation in Australia and New Zealand, our professional services have migrated over 300 systems to Windows and Linux host platforms. We bring to each project current OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX and Solaris technical skills.

This software runs on any industry standard server, with customers using IBM, HP Proliant, Dell and Sun X86 servers as hosts.

An increasing number of our projects are targeting Red Hat Linux as a host operating system, and VMware to replace traditional physical X86 host platforms.

The software used is from Stromasys SA in Geneva, who are the authors of the VAX/VMS,  Alpha and Sun Solaris Emulator software.

The result of each project has been full protection of the end users business critical application, end user access techniques, networking, storage layout and data base.

All OpenVMS,  Tru64 and Solaris UNIX commands operate unchanged

The Charon software from Stromasys emulates hardware. The software is not aware of what is going on above it, and simply delivers industry standard X86 instructions to the new host environment.

OpenVMS, Tru64 and Solaris UNIX  migrations take days rather than months, without loss of integrity or need to retrain users or retest applications.

Using the VAX Emulator, all VAX computers from a Micro VAX II to a 6 CPU VAX10000 series system can be replaced with substantial performance improvements. All legacy hardware can be retired with saving substantial rack space, heat power, cooling costs, and a significant reduction in skills required to operate this new virtual environment.

Using the Alpha Emulator, all mid range Alpha systems can be migrated with at least comparable performance.

Using the Sun Sparc Emulator software from Stromasys, Sparc 10 and 20 systems can be virtualised, with no change to Solaris, users, networking, using the same methodology as discussed for VAX and Alpha.

One of the key benefits of this virtual environment is that modern devices such as Solid State Disks (SSD), and PCI-X RAID Cards can be used to substantially accelerate all I/O operations, something not supported on the legacy physical environment.

Storage virtualisation is one of the key elements to simplify operations and speed up existing processes.

Simplified, Windows centric disaster recovery methods, including VMware VMotion, EMC SAN based replication etc make modern Disaster recovery demands, possible using virtual VAX and Alpha systems.