Fusion-IO Storage

Fusion-IO is a storage device that can deliver 600 times the I/O rates when operating with any existing storage subsystem for applications on the X86or HP-UX Platforms.

Fusion-IO can be configured as a dedicated persistent, resilient Enterprise Class storage device within a physical server, with capacities up to 20Tbyte or as a READ Only cache with write thru for sustained data protection and replication in complex SAN environments.

Supported operating system environments include

  • VMware
  • Windows 2003, 2008 64 Bit
  • Linux (Red Hat 64 Bit)
  • Oracle Solaris (X86)
  • HP-UX Integrity
  • Charon Virtual Alpha and VAX solutions

The typical best value usage for this technology is where I/O reads or writes, or both, are a limiting factor in delivering improved application results to end users.

Symptoms for poor performance are often seen as CPU capacity being exhausted, when in fact I/O is consuming this scarce resource. Fusion-IO relieves CPU and the same server can deliver up to 20 times the application performance, with no other changes.


Fusion-IO Application Environments

Typical application environments where it is often difficult, or expensive, to improved applications outcomes include:

  • BI/DW (Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse)
  • ERP where complex data base relationships consume I/O
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Real Time HD Video capture and playback

Applications that immediately benefit include:

  • Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Analytical Services, ERP Applications
  • Oracle ERP applications and business intelligence
  • Sybase IQ and related Sybase environments

So if your VMware environment is limiting your application deployment to VMware, Fusion-IO and United Business Solutions is your answer.

If your BI and ERP users are complaining about performance , Fusion-IO is your answer.

If you want to save capital, by deferring server replacements, and storage upgrades to achieve better performance, Fusion-IO and United Business Solutions is your answer.

If you development teams are struggling with how to optimize your database to new demands, Fusion-IO with United Business Solutions is your answer.

United Business Solutions offers the complete range of Fusion-IO products, servers and support, along with extensive experience in VMware, SQL and Oracle environments.
Evaluations can be arranged on request.

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