Cloud Solutions (Business Continuity)


Cloud Solutions

United Business Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cloud options for legacy systems including:

  • Oracle Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • And your own private cloud

Customers can chose to have a private or public cloud based solution, where the equipment and software is on your site, and owned by your company, or a public shared cloud resource, where the total cost structure is based on your usage and performance objectives.

Our software and professional services are a key enabling capability to make it possible to relocate all your business systems to a cloud environment, including legacy platforms.


Our capability covers all aspects of Cloud Deployment including

  • Analysis of technical outcomes when migration to a cloud environment is being considered
  • Planning and executing the migration from a Physical Legacy server environment to the cloud (P2C)
  • Analysis of the benefits and technical outcomes for alternative cloud options, platforms & providers
  • Providing ongoing software support for the hardware virtualisation software in the cloud

Legacy Cloud Solutions Using X86 Hosts

  • Virtual DEC VAX
  • Virtual DEC OpenVMS Alpha
  • Virtual DEC Tru64 UNIX Alpha
  • Virtual PDP11
  • Virtual HP3000 and HP9000
  • Virtual Sun Sparc Solaris

For the ultimate IT virtualisation services and solutions, contact the experts at United Business Solutions at or on +61 2 9586 1112 today.