Managed IT Services Sydney & Brisbane

The professional IT consultancy that strives to better your services

United Business Solutions is an Australian company focused on providing the best IT managed services to global corporations and government organisations. Our IT consultancy strives to deliver improved application reliability outcomes through a range of IT management and replacement services. If you’re in need of managed IT solutions in Sydney, Brisbane or throughout Australia and beyond, trust United Business Solutions.

As an established IT managed support service, we have acquired a wealth of experience in:

  • Tru64 UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • Charon

Through using Stromasys’ Charon VAX and AXP Alpha emulator software, United Business Solutions is able to replace existing hardware with virtual hardware that runs on the very latest hosting technology. In completing this process of virtualisation, we can eliminate the hardware failures and the maintenance and support costs associated with aging equipment.

IT management services that won’t interfere with your operations

United Business Solutions’ IT management systems are compatible with your present applications, networking, databases, end user interfaces. They use the latest X86 CPU, iSCSI and Fibre Channel disk, memory and networking devices to deliver the best IT managed support services to your business.

The improved efficiency that goes hand in hand with an IT managed system from United Business Solutions is second to none. Typical return on investment is under 12 months and performance of your office or corporate network system is between 1 and 50 times faster. Typical migration time for your managed ICT services is less than a day, however outage times can be reduced by simply joining existing clusters.

Contact United Business Solutions today – email us at or call us on +61 2 9488 5600 to receive the highest standards of customer service and support for your business IT services.